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It’s Simple: If We Don’t Help Your Bottom Line, Then You Pay Nothing. Why Not See Our Services In Action, Risk-Free?      


A Proven Social Media System for Kickstarter.


Nearly one third of all your contributions will come from social media. Crowdfund Social is the longest running social media marketing agency for crowdfunders. We know how to get you results. Let us prove it to you!

There’s only one thing we know more than Social Media, and that’s Crowdfunding! Here’s the proof: We’re the only service that comes with a fully backed ROI guarantee for qualifying projects. If we don’t help your bottom line, you pay nothing! 

Seriously! We’re so confident in our services that when you sign up with Crowdfund Social you’re getting the biggest guarantees in the industry. Every member of our award winning team has an extensive background in marketing, and more importantly, a track record of getting results. You can’t afford to have anything less.  

Many crowdfunders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo have serious problems when promoting their projects all alone. Why is that? We’ve narrowed it down to one primary issue that all crowdfunders face. 

The #1 issue crowdfunders have is gaining and keeping momentum. Sound familiar? If your project is hitting a brick wall then you need Crowdfund Social. Our intensive social media promotions are exactly what you need to maintain the momentum you need to get funded.

Choose your plan now and launch an aggressive Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin strategy within 24 hours for your Kickstarter project. Don’t let your project hit the brick wall. Get started online today in as little as 60 seconds.


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  • 94% Of Our Clients See A Positive ROI With Social Media Marketing
  • 91% Of Our Clients Report Being “Very Satisfied” With Our Services
  • 84% Of Our Clients Are Successful (that’s more that 5X the crowdfunding average!)
  • 79% Of Our Clients List Crowdfund Social as Their #1 Source For All New Backers
  • Questions? Call (866) 321-1167





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Customized Approach

Our crowdfunding experts develop the perfect social media marketing plan for your project. We identify and target the most lucrative audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. 


Project Positioning

You need to stand out from the crowd if you want to get funded! We create all the best content to catch peoples attention across social media. This gets your project noticed by new backers!

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Intensive Promotion

See results in just 1 week with our intensive social media promotions. Our full service package includes everything: paid advertisement, promoted posts, shout-outs on popular pages, organic promotion, content marketing, cross-promotion, audience building, page features, and more!


The Finish Line

Since 2013 we’ve helped people like you get funded. We know how to successfully get through the difficulties of crowdfunding. We pride ourselves on helping you launch new ideas and getting the funding you need. With Crowdfund Social’s ROI Guarantee, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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